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丝巾 Silk scarf series


花样系列丝巾,整体设计靓丽时尚, 群狮嬉戏于繁花之间,一派吉庆祥和的氛围。图案寓意团队不断壮大,事业繁花似锦。 两款包含光泽度的浅底色,表达出天狮人永远青春活力,朝气蓬勃的气息。

Overall design of silk scarves “Blossom” focuses on pretty and fashion.Group of lions play among the flowers show a happy and auspicious atmosphere. It is also mean the team of Tiens growing, and the career prosperous. underpainting of the two scarves are light colors with glossiness, presenting ever-lasting vitality and vigor of Tiens family.

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